We are looking for families without a history of chronic illness


Who is eligible?
- Families with one or two children (8-18 years of age)
- One parent/caregiver willing to participate
- Ability to speak and read English fluently

Who is not eligible?
- Those who have been diagnosed with cancer, ADHD, asthma, sleep apnea, a developmental disorder, or other chronic illness  

What do participants do?
- Come to the university for one 1-2 hours study session where they will complete some questionnaire and get set up with a special watch
- Wear a special watch that measures sleep and activity for 7 consecutive days
- Complete a brief daily sleep diary
- Complete two very brief (2-5 min) phone interviews

What do participants receive?
- All parking costs at the university are covered
- Participants will receive an e-gift card of their choice (up to $50) as an honorarium, or they may choose to donate their honorarium towards a charity of their choice